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Yosua Jimmy Agustio - Kamis, 08 Maret 2018

Vestyles.com -  Milk can be consumed by anyone and anywhere, at any age, it is not wrong if milk becomes one of the suitable options to meet the needs of nutrients needed by the body. One example of processed dairy is yogurt and cheese. There are some benefits of yogurt and cheese for health. Cheese is also one of the favorite foods of children in the world. The taste of cheese is very tasty and delicious so many people feel addicted to taste it.

The next dairy product is cream cheese. Cream cheese is one type of young cheese that does not experience the process of fermentation. The texture is soft with a tasty flavor that is not too sharp, white, rather hard texture. Sold in containers of plastic bowl or aluminum paper. Choose a strong texture as a sign not too much water. Avoid cream cheese is very soft because too much water and will make the cake more soft. Always keep cream cheese in the refrigerator.

But can we make the cream cheese to be frozen? Yes, cream cheese can be frozen. It's just after the thawing, the texture is changed, it turn to crumble because the water and fat components are separated during the freezing process so that the cream cheese is frozen is less suitable for use as a spread of bread. But for the manufacture of certain cakes that require melted cheese cream, the use of cream cheese that has been frozen becomes no problem.

In the market there are so many cream cheese brand. Maybe you will feel confused choosing one of the many brands available in the supermarket. However, the most important thing you know is not the lowest or highest price, but the list of content contained in cream cheese packaging. One recommendation of cream cheese product is Yummy Dairy. You can see the content in Yummy Dairy product. All are well controlled and healthy so safe to consume every day.

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