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Yosua Jimmy Agustio - Rabu, 07 Februari 2018

Vestyles.com - Brand management and ticket company is a wider and far more strategic activity of any company than its own marketing. This is an important marketing aspect so that brand management is no less than the CEO's responsibility in any company. This management involves instilling a certain level of trust into the minds of existing customers so that the quality they expect from a particular brand product line can be expected to continue. It is known to increase sales by comparing products with other brands, making well-managed brands more profitable in the eyes of investors.

A well-managed company will be protected by a trademark law, easily recognizable and associated with a quality product or service, so it's easy to remember. Companies will be easily spoken in any language, if the product or service is an international product, and will surely draw attention when and wherever it is mentioned. Brand management and ticket company will achieve all the above-mentioned points effectively and will also make the brand stand out when placed among other competitive brands.

A single company may have many brands related to various products. This makes brand management more difficult, and at the same time, gaining consumer confidence more easily. A consumer is aware of a particular brand, having already used the product or service, easily trusting other products from the same company. So, marketers usually advertise the parent company along with the various brands associated with it.

This is commonly seen during marketing campaigns, for example, a hotel advertised as 'The Residency Hotel' - Hotel International Holding. International Hotels is a 'mother brand' and 'local brand' will become Hotel Residency. People from other countries will trust the Residency Hotel even though they are not there just because of the brand of mother - the 'International Hotels' group. This is an example of brand management and placed on the Brand Management Architecture.

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